Child & Baby Reflexology

Reflexology for Children

Children's Reflexology sessions are designed to support children closer to school age with 1-2-1 treatment in the company of a parent. I provide therapeutic support for children and young people; using my background in Psychology and Reflexology to support children and young people through trauma and social and emotional difficulties. Treatments are short (20mins) due the requirements of the AOR, but also to ensure Child is happy and gaining benefit from the treatment. These treatments are especially good for children who have an ongoing health issue, struggle to regulate their emotions and behaviour and who suffer with spectrum disorders.

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Baby Reflexology

Join Mrs Tickly Toe’s for a couple's baby reflexology tutorial class, teaching parents basic reflexology techniques to help with colic, sleep, teething and nurtured development. A great first class for babies 6 weeks and over to learn as a family and support the bond with your new arrival. Refreshments provided and a friendly and supportive environment awaits you. If you are booking a space please use your babies name as payment reference.

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What happens at a class?

The class is accessible to all and is taught in a relaxed and supportive environment, such as your own home. You will learn reflexology techniques, tips, and advice to aid babies’ development and cognition, ensure baby is making secure attachments, developing emotional understanding, and helping you to gain insight into the needs of your baby. Classes can be taught in your own home with yourself and another care giver to learn and are 2hrs long. These make great baby shower presents and vouchers are valid for 6 months.

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What happens at a therapeutic session?

Therapeutic sessions are specialist pieces of work with children who need a little more support than their peers, they could be suffering from trauma or PTSD, struggling with behaviour, sleep, bereavement, or diagnosed with spectrum disorders making self-regulation harder. I usually recommend between 5-10 sessions to see the greatest benefit for children as the first few sessions we will concentrate on building relationships and learning basic reflexology techniques to support them. As we move through the programme, I will teach the caregiver how to perform reflexology so the child is supported at home and can self-support, so they have control over their regulation. I have seen positive results over the years with children who have stopped talking, have medical conditions that cause them to not be able to self-regulate such as ME, stress, anxiety, eating disorders and PTSD.

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Fees & Booking

*Children’s treatments £30, plus mileage if travelling to you.

*1-2-1 parental tuition £40 (2hrs session including full reflexology training for parents)

Be a host...... host a baby reflexology class in your home for a minimum of four babies and receive your class for £15, other parents pay £30 per baby for up to two parents.

*children’s therapeutic Treatment £40, plus mileage if travelling to you


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